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Mod - Jan's Extended Quest

Last update 24/08/2019

Required :
  • BG2FixPack (component "Core Fixes")

  • or

  • Baldur's Gate 2: Enhanced Edition




Project manager: Akadis
Scenario and dialogues: Kasumi
Coding: Akadis
Proofreading: Kasumi and Graoumf
English Translation : Xicloing
Proofreading of English version: Lollorian

You always include Jan Jansen in your group. Like us, you are delighted by his outrageous replies but his personal quest lets you starving for more. You want to know how the story between thief illusionist, his former girlfriend and Vaelag, her violent husband, ends ?

The Extension of Jan's Quest offers a continuation of this original quest in the form of two very short missions filled with typical dialogues and unexpected meetings with new supporting characters. Additionally, the mod aims at shedding a new light on some of the most influential organizations of the city.

Check out the end of the story without having to start a game. As the difficulty of the mod is adapted to low level characters, we would still advise you to play as long as you're not too far advanced in the game.

It includes among others:
  • 2 new quests which you may start in the order of your choice
  • 2 new stories of Jan

Jan Jansen

Version History :

Version 1.5.0 (24/08/2019)
Version 1.44 (08/04/2012)

Version 1.43 (17/02/2012)
Version 1.42c (28/01/2011)

Version 1.42b (07/01/2011)

Version 1.42 (30/11/2010)
Version 1.41 (13/08/2010)
Version 1.4 (03/07/2010)
Version 1.3 (24/10/2009)
Version 1.2 (19/09/2009)
Version 1.1 (12/09/2009)
Version 1.0 (20/07/2009)