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Mod Kim NPC

Version 1.63
LLast updated 28/01/2022

- Throne of Bhaal
 - BG2FixPack (component "Core Fixes")



Thanks to Xicloing for the German and English translations
Thanks to Jastey and Gerri for the proofreading of the German version.
Thanks to Jeneara and Diana for the proofreading of the English version.

NPC for Baldur's Gate II, you can find her near Renald Bloodscalp.

Incredibly beautiful, deliciously sensual...  and terribly unnerving. Kim makes a detour to Athkathla. Can you tame her?

Kim can have a romance with male humans, elves or half-elves.


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Version History :

Version 1.63 (28/01/2022)
Version 1.62d (04/04/2010) Version 1.62c (13/11/2009) Version 1.62 (14/06/2009) Version 1.61 (21/02/2009) Version 1.60 (14/02/2009) Version 1.59 (26/12/2008) Version 1.58 (21/12/2008) Version 1.57 (19/10/2008) Version 1.56 (12/10/2008) Version 1.55 (21/09/2008) Version 1.54 (04/08/2008) Version 1.53 (24/07/2008) Version 1.52 (22/06/2008) Version 1.51 (09/05/2008) Version 1.5f (04/01/2008) Version 1.5e (13/12/2007) Version 1.5d (11/08/2007)
Version 1.5c (09/08/2007)
Big update by Akadis
  1. Decompilation of pre-compiled scripts (bcs) in source files (baf). Now they are only compiled during the installation.
  2. Addition of Kim's body after the last battle against Bodhi.
  3. Correction and adjustments of the experience points gained when Kim joins.
  4. Correction of the reward dialog in Trademeet playing two times.
  5. Correction of sound level of the French sound files :
    • "A l'abordage !" (fichiers Kimd)
    • "En garde !" (fichiers Kime)
    • "Ah les villes, pleins de gens à détrousser." " (fichiers Kimj)
    • "Ouais." (fichiers Kimp)
    • "Besoin de ma lame ?" (fichiers Kimq)
  6. The installation of the modified axe now verifies that Kim NPC is installed before continuing and automatically uninstalls during the uninstall of the Kim NPC Mod.
  7. Correction of the deleting of the pieces of map (they were only deleted if they were in Kim's inventory).
  8. Added the disappearing of the urn at the end of the quest.
  9. Correction of the discussion with the paladins of the Radiant Heart, removed the loop in this block :
    • "The mere fact that I know that you have recovered his body proves it, no?"
  10. Fixed the name of the CHARNAME's girlfriend in the journal entry "The final battle against Bodhi".
  11. Fixed problem with Kim becoming hostile after discussion with Samia..
  12. Removed the irrelevant dialogs when Kim is a vampire and during her resurrection.


Version 1.46 (30/06/2007) Version 1.451 (26/04/2007)